Yetta Goodman Endorsement

I am very pleased to share an endorsement received from dedicated educator and internationally known professor, Yetta Goodman. She has studied literacy development in many cultures and provided literacy researchers with valuable insights about how children become successful readers and writers.

Nancy Pine in Educating Young Giants: What Kids Learn (And Don’t Learn) in China and America provides a marvelous tapestry of experiences through which to experience teaching and learning in China and in the U.S. and to appreciate the realities and nuances of American and Chinese schooling. Pine uses her unique experiences with her research and teaching in both the United States and China to provide in depth profiles of the historical and cultural influences on their education, to highlight their strengths and challenges, and to consider what each country can learn from the other.

Through her personal narratives, she examines rich vignettes to document how each country’s education history continues to influence the education practiced in today’s classroom instruction and in the nature of their examination systems.  Educating Young Giants is illuminating for all to read. And for those who teach or visit classrooms regularly there are careful considerations for pondering how what they are understanding may benefit education in China and the U.S. —Yetta Goodman, Professor Emerita University of Arizona, College of Education, Department of Language, Reading and Culture