Deborah Meier Lauds Educating Young Giant

Deb Meier, Founder of Small Schools Movement & MacArthur Fellow

In her widely distributed Education Week dialogue with Diane Ravitch about their very different views of schooling and how to give children the learning opportunities they deserve, Deborah Meier wrote recently ~

I wish I had read Nancy Pine’s Educating Young Giants, What Kids Learn (And Don’t Learn) in China and America before I went to China in 2007! It’s a thoughtful and thorough account that starts with classrooms in both nations that come alive in her telling.

Meier is often considered the founder of the modern small schools movement, is a MacArthur fellow, and the author of many books on school innovation. Her full commentary, that weaves Educating Young Giants together with her vast travel experiences, can be read on the Education Week blog.